Merumaya Skincare Packaging Graphic Refresh

30th March, 2016

#NEWS: Having created the original Merumaya logo and packaging graphic identity in 2012 (see original project here) and created all of the brand’s packaging artworks since then, the client came back to us to work on refreshing and developing the identity now that the brand has become more established.

The original logo and brand colours have been retained and coupled with embossed and foiled details. The Merumaya ‘M’, name and strapline now sit within a framed ‘badge’ which sits centrally, anchored to the top of cartons and product labels, finished in a silver foil. 

Merumaya skincare carton graphics update by Paul Cartwright Branding.

The brand’s hero product; Iconic Youth Serum features a special treatment in the form of a blind embossed pattern over the front of the carton. A new icon, designed originally back in 2012, but not used, features in one corner, the packaging now having a simpler and more spacious feel with less focus on communicating the key benefits and more on general confidence in the layout and branding.

The new look cartons and labelling are currently phasing in from March.

(All images property of Paul Cartwright Branding © 2016.)


Merumaya skincare hero product carton and label identity by Paul Cartwright Branding.

Merumaya skincare beauty oil carton and label graphics design and artwork by Paul Cartwright Branding.

Beauty oil carton packaging and dropper bottle label graphics by Paul Cartwright Branding.


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