Nexrastore's body care product range label design

25th October, 2013

#NEWS: Having worked on the label design of online retailer Nexrastore’s own-brand of toiletries/skincare products over the past 12 months, we are pleased to publish details of the project.

The brief was to design a bold, modern identity that would photograph well in specialist beauty magazines and feature strong, stock photography to reflect the fragrance of each product. The existing NEXRASTORE logo was refined and was coupled with bright text ‘ping’ colours, tie-ing in with colours taken from the ‘fragrance’ photography on a rich-brown unifying background.

The products are being launched in stages; a body lotion and shower gel and a day/night cream currently available at this point, along with versions of the design created by a 3rd party on the brand’s website >

Nexrastore Body care product line-up label graphics designed by Paul Cartwright Branding.

A fabulous testimonial from the managing director, Delphina Jones. is here.

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